Sunday, 16 October 2016

Some images of autumn around our yard
 The table and chairs have been put away and the Moms take center stage

It is amazing what a bit of shade and moisture can do to an old stump. 

For the changing of the seasons
Our begonias were devastated by our first frost. I quite liked the architecture of these beautiful plants as they gave in to Autumn.

 I processed this image in LR and OnOn,e deliberately trying to reduce the color intensity of the stem and surrounding areas. I felt at this what a good visual metaphor for the changing of the seasons

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Powassan and Restoule Park Fall reflections
It was such a perfect day for photography, bright blue cloudy skies and shirt sleeve weather that good images where much easier to come by. I have attached two images a bit more to the abstract side.

I felt that the pastel coloring of the image that I took from under a large maple tree suited the mood that I was trying to achieve.

The brightly colored reflection of maple trees on slightly rippled water was taken at Restoule Park.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Long Exposure Sunset

If has been a long time between posts. Health issues and the day to day tedium always seems to get in the way. Just after supper this evening I took this shot of a wonderful, muted sunset. The exposure time was eight minutes using a 10 stop neutral density filter.. The image was processed in Light Room and onOne enhancements. It was then sent to my blog via TK Actions

This was a 90 Second exposure taken about 30 minutes prior to the first image

Here are two iterations of the above image

Does anyone have a favourite?